Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Vote for Traci Kennedy on CMT Karaoke Star!!"

hello and good evening,

Traci Kennedy attending this year's HAIR DARE DUKES WEEKEND,
and she was on stage during the Sunday of the event.

So, please check her out tonight.

Subject: Tune in CMT tonight at 8pm ET tonight!!!

Tonight's the night everyone....I am soooooo excited to see myself on CMT !!

Hopefully you can all tune in.....if not, it will be repeated on Saturday at 8pm and also on Monday at 8pm & 11pm.

However, the voting starts at 9pm right after the show airs!

Here is the link again:>

I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to join my little of this moment I am one member shy of 200!!! WOW!!!

So get your voting fingers ready because you can vote as many times as you possibly can between 9pm tonight right up until midnight Wednesday September 24th!!!

For my US won't be able to watch on your CMT because this is a Canadian show but you CAN STILL vote and watch video clips of each wildcard finallist I hope I can still count on your support!!!

Between this and my birthday tomorrow....who needs sugar!!! LOL> > Hugs to you all....Traci xo


Thanks for your support.

Paul Harrington


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