Saturday, January 31, 2009

HAIR DARE 2009 ???

FOR CANCER.........

" HAIR DARE '09 "

I have been doing lots of thinking about this year, after what happened in 2008, I lost way to much money trying to do a good thing.

So, this year, if I do go ahead and put somthing together, there will be many changes.

The Car Show part will include anything with wheels, if it has wheels it is invited.

The Poker Run will be on Saturday with at least 4 stops each participant will have to make, and there will be Cash Prizes, plus other prizes as well, but they will be given out during the Car Show on Sunday. We are working on the details of this part of the event.

The Car Show will be open to anything with Wheels, so there could be a Tractor, Custom Cars, TV & Movie related cars, MotorCycles, Transport Trucks, even Boats are welcomed this year.
I want to see everything this year.

This year looks like it will be the last year that I do this, especially if we loose money like last year, so, I hope everyone that reads this can make it out to show their support.

My family works very hard to put this together to have others slander it, and not show up, but we work very hard to try to make a difference. I hope people can see it in their herats to come out and help.


The weekend after labor day,so, the weekend of September 11, 12, 13.
Friday will just be a small gathering of friends from years past.
Saturday will be a Poker Run with prises, with a BBQ after.
Photo Shoot might be possible on Saturday afternoon.
Sunday will be the Main Event.

I hope the event will either be in Comber / Tilbury Ontario.
Motel, I hope should still be in Leamington.

I will post more details when I get them.

Actors, or TV / Movie Celebrties are Very Welcomed to Attend.
Looking for Entertainers, Anything New.

Paul Harrington


Blogger 0strich said...

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Blogger 0strich said...

Hey Paul,
Firstly let me say what an awesome job you and your family do in organizing these events. Don't think your efforts go unnoticed.

Secondly, I'd certainly like to see another event this year. I had a great time last year but after only about a half hour at the event I felt like I'd already seen everything. A raffle or something would give people a reason to hang around...? Maybe get some fair-style games going? I would have loved to have seen some chargers for sale - and maybe had the band playing earlier. The whole time I was there (from about noon until 3) I didn't even hear the band playing!

Constructive criticism? Hope to see you in September!


8:13 AM  

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