Monday, April 20, 2009


Ok, after getting home from Toronto, we had lots of work to do on the motor home. Yes, a New water pump, as it had leaked the whole trip to Toronto, and back. While attempting to change the water pump, 4 bolts broke, which left the job even bigger then it called for. The timing chain cover, while taking it off, some how got 2 cracks in it. Plus, I thought, during all this I might as well change the timing chain gear set, just to save on the headaches down the road.
So, a simple water pump, ended up with changing alot more.

We ended up replacing alot more then just a water pump, here is a list, 2 belts, upper & lower radiator hoses, fuel pump, distributor cap, ignition rotor, thermostat / gasket, the cracks on the timing cover, were welded up by Gary Lucier, a good friend that lives near my parents.

Well, after it was all said and done, another almost $700.00 was put into the motor home, just so I can follow through with a promise I made.
To have the General at The Beaver Buggy Races, in Tilbury Ontario, on Saturday April 18, 2009. Well, the motor home was finally completed, and it runs again.
The day finally came to drive to Tilbury, which is only about 30 minutes from our home.

What a beautiful day it was, bright and sunny. Lance and I, arrived at the church before anyone else. So, we unloaded the General Lee, and started to set everything up. Soon after Justin arrived, and we discussed the days events. Justin had made special badges for the event, and I will post photos of them soon.

Here the Beavers from Tilbury, Chatham
and Even a few from Comber.

Here is even a better photo of all the Beavers that attended.
Here is a great photo of the Race Track.
The weekend was incredible, Justin had built me a General Lee Beaver Buggy, so cool. He even had me race the car, how neat was that.
There were lots of Beavers there, and we snapped lots of photos.
I handed out lots of Dukes of Hazzard Christmas Ornaments each of the Beavers that attended. Many people, and Beavers went through the Museum, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed the day.

You can see the General Lee Beaver Buggy Racer right here on the table.
( Here is Justin & His wife )

On the way home through Comber, look at what we seen.

I will add a few more great photos of the day, in my next posting.

Thanks for reading about yet another adventure.


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