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HAIR DARE '09..... The new flyers are made, and we have them up.....
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Don’t forget to make your plans for Lightning Fest 2009, which is being held August 7 & 8 in Dyersville, IA. Sign up for the FREE events that run all weekend.Take a look at the Fest page for updated information on events, including the Wiffle Ball game being sponsored by Wiffle Ball, Inc.--each player will receive an exclusive car! We’ve also lined up Paul Harrington’s "Travelling Dukes Museum". Read more about all the attractions and events, and make your travel plans today!
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Travelling Dukes Museum (Saturday 12-5pm) Paul Harrington from Ruscom Station, Ontario, Canada has been a Dukes fan since 1979. In 2006 he starred in a TV Show called “FANatical”, where he was pegged as “Canada's Biggest Dukes of Hazzard Fan”. He was also an extra in the remake of the Dukes of Hazzard TV show in 2005.
Now, he hosts a large car show, the Travelling Canadian Dukes Museum, in support of cancer which features the General Lee, dozens of real props from the TV show, and a 2005 remake of the Dukes. Check out his website at
Inside the museum, fans of all ages will see Waylon Jennings’s worn denim vest, Jerry Rushing's worn overalls, donated right from Jerry—and of course a pair of Catherine Bach's Daisy Dukes shorts.
Plus, see the Wall of Fame, where some of the most famous TV and movie stars have left their mark. Stars from “The Dukes of Hazzard”, “Leave it to Beaver”, “Grizzly Adams”, “Happy Days”, “Three’s Company”, “Star Trek”, “The A-Team”, “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”, “The Monkees”, “CHiPs”, “Married with Children”, “Mad Max”, “Star Wars”, “Tango & Cash”, “Superman”, “Batman”, “Friday the 13th”, :Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”, and so many more!
So come out and see The Travelling Canadian Dukes Museum on Saturday!


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