Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HAIR DARE '09 Car Show, Swap Meet, & Cut A Thon for CANCER

Sheriff Little signs for the Star Wars guys from the 501st.
( A Special thanks to them....Hope to have them join us again Next Year )

Wally's Sheriff car from Niagara Falls, his Wife Nicole was a big help this year.

My Chickasaw Sheriff's car, minus roof lights,
I forgot to put them busy !!
My General Lee

My Hazzard County Sheriff's Car.

The Marine Unit Speed Boat.

Me taking some angry out on a HONDA.....
Smack A Wreck, Anger Management 101.

OUCH.....That really HURTS.....
The O.P.P. brought out the Seat Belt Convincer......
I was the only passenger .......
Now, I know why.............ughhhhhh
A special thanks to the Lakeshore O.P.P.

I tried it 3 times, in a row.....
My New Look, and Scotty Newlands ( singer ) from Toronto.

Danielle and I, with the New Look,
just before her hair cut
Edmon Call gets ready to cut Danielle's hair off,
as he was the hight bidder for the
chance to chop her pony tail off.
Man what a New Look, ... Now, it's my turn, in the HOT SEAT!!!!

Sheriff Little, and I chat about what is next.....

Time for my hair cut,
Todd from TTK Tire in Chatham was the hight bidder,
$100.00 he paid to have the chance to CHOP it off.
Traci Kennedy ( Singer ) and I...

First, I really want to thank My Wife Cheryl,
My 2 daughters Sarah, Jessi Lee,
My Son Lance, his girlfriend Tonya,
My Mom & Dad,
Sister Deb, Rob, & their Kids Porsche & Kody, even Dustin,
friends Rob Murphy, Edmon Call, Glenn Call,
Don, Ken, Scotty, Traci,
Elaine, Sam, Trish, Gord,
Kevin, Chrisa,
Wally, Nicole, Todd, Tina,
Wendy, Matthew, Katelynn,
Chad, Jerry Martin, Bruce,
If I missed your name, email me and let me know,
I can add it next week.....
Plus, all the Volunteers that helped,
Greg @ Sign A Rama : Garden City, MI.,
Justin @ Comfort Inn : Leamington, ON.,
Helen @ Elford & Stowe Ltd. : Essex, ON.,
Tom @ Johhny Lightning : Dyersville, IA.,
Greg @ AutoBarn / Car Quest : Essex, ON.,
Paul @ J & B Auto Sales : Windsor, ON.,
Rob @ Murphy Bus Lines : Arva, ON.,
Todd @ TTK Tire Service : Chatham, ON.,
Pete @ Cottam Transmission : Cottam, ON.,
Dean @ Choci's Pizza : Essex, ON.,
Shawn @ Laser Art : Harrow, ON.,
Paul @ Harrington Aviation : Essex, ON.,

Well, for everyone that was there, it was a pretty good turn out.
The numbers were still a little smaller then I was hoping for, but we are so close to breaking even this year, I was happy.

It looks like we raised a total of $1,669.00 for
"The CanadianDukes.Com Student Surviving Cancer Scholarship Fund".
With the my pledges, my hair cut auction ( Thanks to Edmon & Todd ), and of course the EYE BROW CHOPPING ( Thanks to Ken & Son Lance UGHHH ) , My total only was $807.00, Glenn Call raised $325.00 ( for his head shaving ), and Danielle Demers raised $487.00 ( for her hair cut ),
Plus $50.00 from the Silent Auction. I'm very happy with this year.
Don Pedro Colley aka Sheriff Little was able to relax a little more,
inside a nice air conditioned building. There were many Dukes of Hazzard fans, some travelling from overseas, and many from the U.S.A. , and even from Ontario.

Ken Bottcher, the race car driver, builder from Denmark Europe stayed for another few days, so, of course we were able to see some of the sites. Glenn ( from Mass. ) & Edmon ( Vermont )Call, and Ken from Denamrk. Let's see the Casino, a sail boat ride, and a few other places.
Sorry, to cut this short, but I have to get ready for tomorrow.

Ok, I will post a few photos,
and I will add more to this after this weekend in Nashville, TN.

"The Student Surviving Cancer Scholarship Fund"
You can donate money,
as easy as going on line.


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