Thursday, January 20, 2011


Now, how did we get involved.

Well, it starts way back in October 2010.
Cheryl, ( my wife ), and I just arrived home from Gatlinburg Tennessee, after the HAZZARD RUN, from Nashville to Gatlinburg TN.
I was checking my emails, like I always do when I get home every night after work, but in this case, it was from a long trip.
One email, really stood out. This is what it said.


My name is John Keddy. I am the Director of Entertainment for Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls. As you may or may not be aware we are hosting a TOM WOPAT & JOHN SCHNEIDER concert on the 21stand 22nd of January 2011. I picked up one of your cards in Gatlinburg TN last week and noticed it said you rent movie cars. I am curious as to what the cost would be to rent your General Lee for the month of December to put on display in the lobby of our Theatre to create a buzz for the upcoming shows. It would be in a secure sanctioned area, indoors and heated. Please let me know


WOW, I was like, in SHOCK......I went out into the living room & told Cheryl about the email. All she did was smile. So, I returned an email regarding everything. After a few days, I didn't think this was going to come together, as I had not heard anything back. I had sent a few emails back to John, and finally an email came back , in which

" Sorry just tying up to pull this off. I am moving forward with it as if its happening ".

So, I was still excited about having the My General Lee up there with the Bo and Luke Duke, BUT, I was very nervous, as I have never left the car anywhere without me being very close by.

The day finally arrived, Lance, Tonya ( Lance's girlfriend ), and I drove up, with the Motor Home, The Canadian Dukes Museum trailer, with the General strapped down very tight, with Lance following in the van. We left without any problems, but as we got closer to London the weather started to get bad. As soon as we got through London, the weather changed again. It was a good drive up, with out any major issues, unlike other trips.

Wow, what a photo !! The trailer, and motor home with the foundation in the background. The General sat in the trailer for a few hours as we waited to see when he was being unloaded.

Okay, let's drop the door, and get him inside.

The General had some help to get inside with making all kinds of noise.

The doors to the Casino had to be opened to squeeze him in


Finally here is where he sat for 6 weeks

A very cool poster

The Sunday before the first show, we had to go up and load the General back into the Museum trailer. I guess there was a problem with the car being inside during the event, cause both shows were SOLD OUT, that means there will be 3000 Fans there in 2 nights.


So, I would like to THANK everyone involved

John Keddy
Mike MacGillivray
Jarrett "Jamanji" Bissonnette
Chris "Cletus" Deal
Brian "Skelty" Skelton
Scott "Joe Dirt" Wilbur
Greg Gamm

Cheryl Harrington
Lance Brown
Tonya Russell
Greg Solovey

If I missed anyone, let me know. I can add your name.


Blogger Unknown said...

This is great Paul!

I'm so glad that your General got a chance to play a starring role in this whole process. I'm sure it's going to be an amazing concert!

Way to go!

Give my best to everyone.

Yee Haw!!!!

Scotty Newlands

11:25 PM  
Blogger Nicole & John said...

It was a GREAT show! We were there Friday night. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I was able to get their autographs but no pictures :-(

11:07 AM  
Blogger ivegas said...

Thumbs up to your efforts to create and put such informative and interesting points in the blog. You exactly got the points which I was looking for. Keep up the real work.

3:49 AM  
Blogger my son christopher said...

i went to see the concert couldnt take pics or didnt get a autograph any one got a extra copy i love to have it john schneider is my favorite email me asp

6:31 PM  

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